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Essenmotion is always on the lookout for talented people with any of the core skills shown on our website and experience in our industries all around the world. If you are proficient in your field of study and required core skills, please tell us about yourself and send us an e-mail with following information;


  • ​CV/Resume
  • Supporting documents (degrees, diplomas, certificates and licenses)
  • Sample works (for large size file transfers please contact with us)
  • Proficiency in software packages & programming languages
  • Proficiency in languages for written reporting & verbal communication
  • Contact details and permanent residence address
  • Expected salary, daily and weekly rates (including Taxes)


Core Skills Location
FEA      Finite Element Analysis   worldwide  
CFD      Computational Fluid Dynamics worldwide
MBD      Multibody Dynamics worldwide
3DVA      3D Visualization and Animation worldwide
3DIS      3D Interactive Simulation worldwide
3DVR      3D Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning worldwide
  RAEM        Risk Analysis and Event Modeling worldwide


Equal Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination Policy

Essenmotion is an Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination company, other than the information related to your expertise we do not parameterize any information related to your gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion and age.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is protected and kept confidential, we will not disclose your identity and information to our clients and third parties before your authorization and mutual acceptance for the service agreement.