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Wherever you are, we will be there too.

With representatives worldwide, we have people in every major market who can provide the specialized knowledge and skills needed to work effectively.

We would be very happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our company, activities and services. To contact us, please use our contact form.

We will respond to your messages within 12 hours.


Regional Contacts


 North and South Americas

 Houston, TX, United States

 David Morgan


 Europe, Russia and Central Asia

 Hamburg, Germany

 Martin Baumann


 Middle East and Africa

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 Philip D. Green


 South and Southeast Asia


 Tansel Taskiran


 China, South Korea and Japan

 Busan, South Korea

 Frank Wlasek


 Australia and Oceania

 Perth, WA, Australia

 Carl F. Adler



Global Communication Center

                       Essenmotion Pte Ltd

Address       10 Raeburn Park #02-08 Singapore 088702

E-mail           info@essenmotion.com

Tel                 +65 8400 7069

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