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Heating & Combustion

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Heating & Combustion systems, projects and operations.

  • Air Quality & Emission Control
  • Process, heating and power generation/cogeneration applications
  • Hazardous environments and explosion-proof heating technologies
  • Open/closed loop heating control and thermal management systems
  • Shell-and-tube, plate, finned-tube, spiral, fluidized/fixed bed, etc. heat exchangers and thermal fluid systems (steam, water, glycol, oil, etc.)
  • Boilers and steam generation systems (package, wall/corner/roof-fired, bubbling and circulating fluidized bed (BFB/CFB), cyclone, stoker, etc.)
  • Waste/garbage/sewage incinerators and thermal oxidation systems
  • Combustion chambers and burners for fossils, liquid/gas hydrocarbons, biomass, industrial/residual/hazardous waste, hybrid and derived fuels
  • Furnace refractory linings, membrane walls, steam drums and internals, superheaters, generating banks, economizers, thermal insulations, etc.
  • Combustion monitoring and control (CCS), burner management (BMS), flame scanning, parametric and emission measurement systems
  • Burner technologies (boiler, process, duct, thermal oxidation, ultra-low NOx, staged, forced/natural draft, round/flat/long flame, swirl, jet, etc.)
  • Fuel and combustion air/gas conditioning and enhancement (heating, cooling, pressurizing, atomizing, pulverizing, filtering, additives), ratio control, mixing/blending/diffuser, feeding and injection/nozzle systems
  • Air and fuel staging (AS/FS), over-fire air (OFA), simultaneous multi-fuel firing, flue gas recirculation (FGR) and thermal oxidation technologies
  • Burner pilot and igniter systems, fuel atomizer/nozzle (oil/gas), plasma arc/spark ignition (PAI), flame detection and ignition control systems
  • Combustion air/gas intake, filtration, distribution and feeding systems (windboxes, air ports, nozzles, blowers, compressors and turbochargers)
  • Exhaust systems, flue-gas stacks, silencers and emission reducing units
  • Electrical heating systems (process liquid/gas, thermal fluid, air, boiler, steam generation, equipment/component, freeze protection, comfort, space/compartment, heat tracing, combustion fluid, viscosity, etc.)
  • Application specific electrical heating elements, direct/indirect housings and assemblies (electrode, immersion, flanged, pipe insert, inline, duct, open coil, tubular, band, strip, finned, cartridge, silicone rubber, cable)
  • Infrared electric heaters and reflectors (coil, ceramic, quartz, halogen)
  • Infrared gas catalytic heaters, natural gas (NG) and propane (LPG)
  • Reverse/vapor-compression cycle heat pumps (air, water, hybrid, etc.)