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Heavy Lift & Transportation

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following onshore & offshore Heavy Lift & Transportation studies, systems, projects and operations.

Studies & Analyses & Simulations

  • Power, torque & revolution, transmission and loss reduction studies
  • Multibody dynamics, motion analysis and simulations
  • Lifting vessel/vehicle static and dynamic stability and ballast analysis
  • Vessel/vehicle and cargo relative motion analysis
  • Transport vessel/vehicle static and dynamic stability analysis
  • Onshore & offshore lifting and transport analysis and simulations
  • Floating vessel loading & unloading analysis
  • Safety, risk, reliability and redundancy analysis
  • High Consequence Dangerous Goods (HCDG) transport assessments
  • Collision, fall down, impact drop, crash and explosion analysis
  • Mechanical failure mode analysis (load cycle, stress concentration, fatigue, fracture, plastic deformation, thermo-structural, creep etc.)
  • Contact analysis (wear, friction, abrasion, etc.)
  • Modularization studies for safe and easy transport and assembly
  • Operational training simulations

Materials & Equipment & Systems

  • Heavy load carrying, wear and fatigue resistant materials, gears, speed and torque convertors, rotating components and bearings
  • Heavy load carrying, rigid and modular structures, steel and structural alloy fabrication, preparation and welding technologies
  • Powertrain, drivetrain and running gear assemblies
  • Rail, crawler and rubber tire undercarriage mobility assemblies
  • Static & dynamic loads/weight measurement and monitoring systems
  • Active and passive stability, ballast and counterweight systems
  • Static and dynamic friction control systems (tensioning, traction, track shoes/pads, clamping, gripping, dynamic brake, locking, clutch, etc.)
  • Failure modes detection, equipment and system condition monitoring
  • Manual and automatic overload protection systems (MOPS/AOPS)
  • Vessel/vehicle motion monitoring (VMM) systems
  • Linear and rotary, active and passive motion compensation systems
  • Active and passive vibration control, suppression and isolation systems
  • Decelerators, shock absorbers and dampeners
  • Installation, module mating and support systems