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I am an Expert

Trust and safety, our core values, form the backbone of who we are and all we do at Essenmotion.

If you are an Expert in the field of your study, please tell us about yourself and send us an e-mail with following information;


  • Field of Expertise (FoE)
  • Supporting Documents
    • CV/Resume
    • Degrees and academic qualifications
    • Diplomas, certificates and licenses (academic and professional)
    • Summary of your latest 3 reports/studies/cases in the FoE
    • 3 References in the Field of Expertise (FoE)
  • Proficiency in software packages & programming languages in the FoE
  • Proficiency in languages for written reporting & verbal communication
  • Contact details and permanent residence address
  • Expected daily and weekly rates (including Taxes)

Software as an Expert

A phenomenon in question might occur in deterministic and probabilistic nature with concurrent or sequential event coupling and progression. After defining the operational states of the subject in question, Expert might use different software and programs to simulate selected models and investigate beyond design basis progressive states. Nevertheless, applicability, reliability, inherent assumptions, constraints and limitations of the software/programs, their effects and significance over the results must also be reviewed and stated in the reports.

Equal Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination Policy

Essenmotion is an Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination company, other than the information related to your expertise we do not parameterize any information related to your gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion and age.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is protected and kept confidential, we will not disclose your identity and information to our clients and third parties before your authorization and mutual acceptance for the service agreement.