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Import & Export Terminals

Essenmotion offers design and construction services for Import & Export Terminals that handle a wide variety of bulk liquids and liquefied gases, including crude oil, LNG, LPG, ammonia, refined products and bulk fuels, etc.

We can provide single-point solutions for both Greenfield projects and expansions of any size. We offer a full range of services that include feasibility studies, conceptual designs, terminal siting and environmental investigations, detailed engineering studies, permitting, procurement, construction & project management, operator training, startup and commissioning.

Our capabilities cover the full scope of onshore & offshore terminals and associated facilities including marine jetties and transfer berths, buoys and platforms, mooring, docking and vessel handling systems, ship/truck/railcar loading & unloading systems, stations and towers, storage tanks and pressure vessels at either full-pressure or refrigerated conditions and foundations, pipelines, pumps, manifolds and transfer stations, refrigeration, compression, boil-off and flash vapor handling systems, regasification facilities, heating systems, spill prevention, control and containment systems, fire/hazard detection, early warning and protection, communication and security systems, process piping, instrumentation and control systems, power generation and distribution, etc. Additionally, we also have extensive experience in assisting our customers with the permitting procedures.