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Independent Third Party

All engineering components, structures and systems must be designed essentially based on conservative definitions of applied loads and operated in accordance with robust and comprehensive safety cases. Internationally recognized codes, standards, specifications and the detailed design requirements must then be correctly implemented so that a suitable means of dealing with these loads is devised and the assumptions made in these safety cases are justified.

Due to the potential for errors and omissions in the assumptions and the design process, it is necessary for safety cases and design activities to be subject to reliable, comprehensive, verifiable, concept-neutral and unbiased independent peer review, technical assessment and other third party services.

Essenmotion is experienced in unbiased statement of fact reporting, auditing, systematic review of design documentation, consultancy, representation, interface and source inspection services to verify those subject components, structures and systems, which must have been manufactured in accordance with quality system requirements, specifications and procedures as specified.

  • Independent Technical Assessments (ITA)
  • Independent Peer Reviews (IPR)
  • Engineering and design verification and validation
  • Inspections, component and system tests: material, condition, function, factory, completion, delivery, acceptance, maintenance and service
  • Contractor, manufacturer, supplier and procurement audits
  • Safety audits and risk assessments
  • Safety case and functional safety reviews
  • Working environment and field surveys
  • Organization, manning and personnel qualification studies
  • Fabrication, construction and installation surveys and audits
  • Completion, commissioning and start-up surveys and audits
  • Development of operational philosophies, specifications and procedures
  • Regulatory compliance reviews and audits (National/International)
  • Management advisory, consultancy and client representation
  • Interface management, communication and coordination
  • Creditor and insurance requirements compliance reviews and audits
  • Percentage/stage completion and progress payment reviews and audits
  • Accident and incident investigations and root cause analysis
  • Situation mapping, awareness and vulnerability assessments
  • Defense, security and anti-terrorism risk assessments
  • Damage, loss and needs assessments