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Industrial Control & Automation

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Industrial Control & Automation systems, projects and operations.

  • Measurement & Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Networks & Communications
  • Wireless Data Communications
  • Monitoring & Detection & Guidance
  • Motion Drive & Control
  • Process and motion control applications (totally integrated, stand-alone, regulatory, sequential, continuous, discrete, event-triggered, fail-safe, fault-tolerant, high-availability, safety-related, high-speed redundancy, time synchronized, isochronous real-time, observer, energy saving, etc.)
  • High dynamic multi-axis positioning and motion control, measurement, conveyor, transmission, power/energy management, mass flow, mixing, pressure and temperature control, synchronization, timing, sequencing, multi-motor/drive, counting, code reading, lighting, etc. applications
  • Open-loop/feedforward, closed-loop/feedback, cascade, PID, LTI, non-linear, time variant, Fuzzy, SISO, MIMO, robust, adaptive, etc. control architectures, linearization, transient, frequency response, tuning and optimization (algorithmic & parametric) and programming applications
  • Operating systems, management, monitoring and interface software, execution, visualization and programming platforms, IEC languages, etc.
  • High performance industrial computers and communication interfaces
  • Ethernet and fieldbus networks and communication technologies
  • Distributed (DCS), PLC-based, PC-based and hybrid control architectures
  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance and support systems
  • Programmable Logic, Automation and Safety Controllers (PLC, PAC, SPC)
  • Application specific microcontroller units (MCU) and control interfaces
  • Analog and digital, Input/Output (I/O) and communication modules
  • Application specific cabling, connector and assembly technologies
  • Data acquisition and management, analysis and reporting systems
  • Operations Management, Manufacturing Execution Systems (OMS/MES)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU), monitoring and control (field) substations
  • Component Based Automation (CBA) and stand-alone modularization
  • Multistage integrated decision and operator support systems (IDSS/OSS)
  • Safety oriented fast response incident detection, Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Safe Stop (SS/SOS), location/sector announce and alarm systems
  • Alarm activation, categorization, prioritization and response procedures