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Essenmotion is involved in all stages of onshore and offshore LNG processing plants, storage and transportation projects, from initial development through design, construction and commissioning into operations.

Our people are highly skilled in the design and construction of the full scope of LNG projects including: gas treatment, separation & purification, refrigeration, compression and liquefaction, loading and offloading, boil-off and flash vapor handling, storage tanks and secondary containments, insulation, primary and secondary pumping, regasification, fire and hazard detection and protection, communication and security monitoring, civil structures and foundations, piping, process controls and power distribution.

Increasing popularity of LNG means that LNG is transported between a growing number of loading and offloading facilities. Often located close to industrial and populated areas, LNG safety is of primary importance in establishing and operating such facilities. This requires an in-depth understanding of the processes involved and the technical options available to manage risks to tolerable levels.

  • Essenmotion Services
  • Development of safety reports & philosophies
  • Cryogenic vapor and explosion modeling
  • Plant and associated facilities, siting and layout studies
  • LNG specific emergency response studies
  • Protection & Isolation & Insulation
  • Active and passive fire, blast and surface protection
  • Thermal and cryogenic insulation and freeze/frost protection
  • LNG sites and facilities, Geohazards, seismic, environmental and quantified risk assessments, site investigations and selection studies
  • Surge, sloshing, cool down, rollover and stratification analysis
  • Structural and mechanical integrity analysis