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Material & Cargo Handling

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Material & Cargo Handling systems, projects and operations.

  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control systems
  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic power supply units and modules
  • Mobile loading and unloading structures, docking platforms and vehicles
  • Rigid, flexible, mechanized and intelligent, specialized material and cargo handling, engaging, gripping and lifting attachments (spreaders, lift frames, hooks, lifters, clamps, grabs, grapples, tongs, tilters, booms, gimbals, buckets, forks, nozzles, ground engaging tools, arms, etc.)
  • Integrated linear and rotary motion and guide systems and modules (specialized handling towers, elevators, carriages, ramps, platforms, conveyor, skidding, rail and traveler, rack and pinion systems, etc.)
  • Cargo safety, automated fastening and securing systems
  • Cargo handling control, monitoring and automation systems
  • Local and remote control stations and communication systems
  • Loading/unloading measurement, flow control and monitoring systems

Loading & Unloading Arms

  • Towers, self-supporting structures and carriages
  • Rail, crawler and rubber tire undercarriage mobility assemblies
  • Slewing, luffing and traveling motion drive and control systems
  • Straight, knuckle and telescopic arms, manipulators, turning, twisting, tilting and counterweight mechanisms, rotators and swivel joints
  • Targeting (TS) and constant position monitoring systems (PMS/CPMS)
  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) and associated safety systems

Liquid & Gas

  • Liquid and gas storage and containment systems (HPHT & Cryogenic)
  • Transfer pumps, compressors, blowers and fans (HPHT & Cryogenic)
  • Rigid and flexible pipes and hoses (HPHT & Cryogenic)
  • Quick connect & disconnect couplers (QCDC)
  • Safety and emergency release systems (ERS)
  • Loading, unloading and transfer manifolds
  • Vapor return and recovery systems (cryogenic, boil-off and flash vapor)

Dry Bulk

  • Dry bulk storage and containment systems (minerals, chemicals, etc.)
  • Conveyor, loader and unloader systems (hoppers, pneumatic vacuum and pressure, airlift, airslide, screw, bucket, belt, pipe, chain, etc.)
  • Vacuum and pressure blowers, airlocks, feeders, chutes, suction and discharge nozzles, filters, dust collectors, aerators, vibration pads, etc.