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Measurement & Data Acquisition

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Measurement & Data Acquisition systems, projects and operations.

  • Short and long range, scanning, detection, sensing and measurement technologies (inertial, hydroacoustic, ultrasonic, RF, infrared, laser, UV, X-ray, photoelectric, optoelectronic, magnetic, inductive, capacitive, resistive, piezo/pyroelectric, thermoelectric, electrochemical, etc.)
  • Hazardous environment, high temperature/pressure, cryogenic, impact, explosion, fire, radiation, chemical and vibration resistant assemblies
  • Failure modes detection, diagnostic, testing and inspection technologies
  • Data management, analysis and programming platforms, software, GUI
  • Data sampling and processing systems, Signal Conditioners, Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC), Multiplexers, Data Loggers (PC-based/stand-alone), network and communication interfaces, displays, control panels
  • Short and long range wireless communication modules and assemblies
  • Embedded microsystems, ICs, MEMS, SoCs, MCUs, DSPs, TX/RX, etc.
  • Sensor node power management and micro-energy harvesting systems

Sensors & Detectors & Transducers

  • Linear and angular motion, position, velocity, acceleration, direction and location measurement systems, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, barometers (altitude, relative motion, heading, heave, surge, sway, yaw, pitch, roll, tilt, etc.)
  • Gas analyzers & detectors (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, combustibles, air contaminants, pollutants, toxic and flue gases, etc.)
  • Water and soil quality analyzers, contamination and pollution detectors
  • Liquid, gas and multiphase flow/transport measurement (micro/macro)
  • Mass transfer and volumetric    
  • Static and dynamic pressure
  • Humidity and moisture  
  • Force, torque, weight, thrust
  • Position and displacement
  • Distance and range
  • Weather and environment
  • 3D object/surface/layer scanning
  • Fire, flame and smoke detectors
  • Occupancy and Motion detectors
  • Thickness and deposition
  • Tactile and multi-modal sensors
  • Voltage, current and phase
  • Temperature and heat
  • Liquid level and depth
  • Strain and stress
  • Rotation and angle  
  • Vibration and shock
  • Electric and thermal conductivity
  • Image sensors (multispectral)
  • Radiation, ionization detectors
  • Proximity and limit switches
  • Crack and flaw detection
  • Comparative and identification