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Over the years, Essenmotion has developed industry leading expertise on a full range of offshore vessels, facilities, topsides and platforms designed to operate in challenging environments and withstand the most severe natural events such as hurricanes and typhoons, exceptional waves, currents and tidal forces, earthquakes and tsunami, ice and arctic formations and ultra- deepwater operations.

Essenmotion’s innovative multi-skilled engineering team has significant competence and experience in development and execution of complex projects with multi-system integration of subsea and surface production, process, storage and transport systems.

Our capabilities in Offshore & Subsea market are focused on the design and engineering of low risk operational philosophies and system architectures (fail- safe, fault-tolerant, redundant, fast-response), totally integrated machinery, vessel and plant systems (process, storage and transport) and communicative, immune and adaptive applications (climate, environment, human factors).

Our products and services range from feasibility and development studies, conceptual designs, in-depth specialized technical studies, advanced technological solutions and developments, detail engineering, procurement and third party verification up to construction and project management and consultancy with all technical and managerial functions needed to execute world’s most advanced offshore vessel & facility projects, engineering tasks.