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Essenmotion provides a variety of high-quality solutions for producing, processing, storing and distributing hydrocarbon products, totally integrated packages of advanced process technologies and a complete spectrum of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services for upstream oil and gas production and downstream refining, petrochemical and chemical industries with a wide range of process units and related ancillary facilities.

Onshore and offshore, oil and gas producers face increasingly complex challenges in the exploration and development of energy resources.

Successful project execution must consider many variables: safety, technical, financial, environmental, regulatory, logistical and cultural, to list just a few. With many years’ experience and sound engineering principles, we can help you overcome these challenges.

We have wide ranging technical expertise, service offerings and project delivery capability in onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities, which include field development studies, subsea systems, platforms and topsides, floating facilities, gathering systems, oil and gas processing facilities, pipelines and terminals.

Our experience covers both new Greenfield and existing Brownfield facilities and plants. Offering a complete package of services across all phases of the project life cycle, from field development studies, conceptual designs, in-depth specialized technical studies through commissioning and start-up, we have extensive capabilities to provide solutions with all technical and managerial functions needed to execute any new build, upgrade, expansion, modification, life extension or decommissioning projects and engineering tasks.

Extracting the hydrocarbon from the reservoir literally defines one end of a complex transport network. Hydrocarbon storage and transportation are as important as exploration and production, with an equally large risk potential. Whether fuels are stored in tanks or transported by ships, carriers or pipelines a loss of containment releases the same material, results in the same kinds of accidents. Essenmotion provides assessments, assurance reviews and audit capabilities as well as engineering competence that can help manage the risks of operating old plants, infrastructure and minimize the risks associated with the design of new plants, storage and transport systems and facilities.