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Plant Life Management

The demanding environment in which a plant operates may affect the ability of a broad range of materials to perform their intended functions over extended service periods. Therefore, identifying materials and components that are degrading over time is an important aspect of the safe and secure operation of industrial plants.

Plant Safety Upgrade

Accidents caused by operational faults, extreme natural and environmental events or malevolent attacks led to the new engineering and design challenges to make these facilities safer and better prepared for the simultaneous occurrence of severe, internal and external events with low-probability and high-impact by nature.

Plant Decommissioning

Decommissioning is not simply a demolition, it is part of the final shutdown, which begins with the systematic deconstruction of complex industrial facilities made up with many large components and supporting systems, including thousands of meters of pipes along with even greater volumes of construction materials and ends with the packaging and transport of the resulting waste for safe storage and disposal with a cleanup operation for the entire site including in some cases, decontamination of the surrounding environment, soil and groundwater.

Essenmotion provides guidance and recommendations for plant integrity management, life extension, safety analysis and improvements concerning regulatory supervision, operating procedures, aging and decommissioning.

  • Plant life and life extension management
  • Plant integrity management
  • Plant and subsystem performance monitoring and optimization
  • Reliability and maintenance data collection and analysis
  • Mechanical failure mode diagnostics and condition monitoring
  • Component re-conditioning, re-certification and replacement planning
  • Plant safety management and upgrades
  • Plant capacity and new technology upgrades
  • Plant decommissioning planning
  • Decommissioning waste management
  • Safer and easier disassembly and dismantling systems
  • Remote operated disassembly and dismantling devices and vehicles
  • Radioactive waste and pollution management
  • Decommissioning waste safe storage and transportation