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Protection & Isolation & Insulation

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Protection & Isolation & Insulation systems, projects and operations.

  • Sensors, detection, measurement and monitoring systems
  • Early warning and alarm systems (critical, failure, collision, etc.)
  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) and associated safety systems
  • Compartment and module isolation and sealing systems
  • Lightning and surge protection, earthing/grounding systems

Vibration & Shock & Impact Protection

  • Explosion and blast protection and shielding systems
  • Blast barriers/walls, absorption/mitigation and damping systems
  • Impact, collision and mechanical protection systems
  • Shock and impact resistant insulation and surface protection systems
  • Active and passive vibration control, suppression and isolation systems
  • Decelerators, shock absorbers and dampeners
  • Elastomeric and coil spring bearing and suspension systems
  • Pneumatic and hydropneumatic suspension and damping systems
  • Tuned mass dampers and harmonic absorbers
  • Earthquake/seismic protection, substructure vibration damping systems
  • Acoustic/noise/sound insulation systems

Fire & Thermal Protection

  • Active and passive fire protection systems (blast, jet and pool)
  • Fire suppression and cooling systems
  • Fire resistant insulation and surface protection systems
  • Thermal insulation systems (high temperature and cryogenic)
  • Freeze protection, snow/ice melting and icing inhibitor systems

Corrosion Protection

  • Active and passive corrosion protection and inhibitor systems
  • Protective coating and sealing/sealant systems
  • Galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems
  • Industry & application specialized anode systems and architectures

Surface & Wear Protection

  • Impact/wear/abrasion resistance coating systems
  • Wear resistant insulation and surface protection systems
  • High performance adhesives, films, coating and deposition systems