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Radioactive Waste Management

Most of the waste generated from operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, medical, agricultural, research, manufacturing uses and other purposes is not radiologically restricted. Radioactivity of operational and decommissioning wastes predominantly ranges from very low level to intermediate level.

Used nuclear fuels and separated wastes from reprocessing are classified as high level radioactive wastes and require wet and dry storage and transport systems providing confinement, radiation shielding, structural integrity, criticality control, heat removal and a safe environment for decay.

Essenmotion provides a range of reliable integrated solutions for all stages of Radioactive Waste Management services; including inventory audits, waste conditioning, packaging, on-site and off-site interim storage, transport and final disposal studies with entire array of equipment and services required to successfully implement used fuel and non-fuel waste projects, providing custom solutions to address client-specific needs.

Our engineering, fabrication, maintenance and consulting services;

  • Transport of Radioactive Materials
  • Dry and wet storage and transport systems
  • Storage and transport packages, canisters and casks, racks, etc.
  • Safety analysis and regulatory tests
  • Research and development
  • Fabrication and maintenance management
  • Decontamination of hazardous waste sites
  • Soil, surface and groundwater remediation applications
  • Consulting services, control and inspection