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Risk Analysis & Management

To manage risk, you must first understand your hazards and how to control them. We assist our clients in the analysis, mitigation and management of risks posed by natural and man-made hazards.

Essenmotion provides comprehensive services in the whole spectrum of risk management activities, from Hazard Identification through consequence analysis, structure and human response and the identification, design and implementation of pragmatic cost-beneficial risk reduction measures.

We perform detailed and high level consequence analysis and assess the performance of protective systems, surrounding structures and facilities, barriers, humans and the environment to these consequences. Understanding the whole risk picture enables us to understand the concept of reasonable practicability when we are asked to propose safety upgrades or risk reduction schemes.

  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)
  • Deterministic (postulating, causality)
  • Statistical (retrospective, based on experience)
  • Probabilistic (prognostic, probability of occurrence)
  • Classical, frequency related and subjective assessment approaches
  • Process hazard analysis (PHA)
  • Hazard identification studies (HAZID)
  • Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP)
  • Layers of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • Event tree analysis (ETA)
  • Fault tree analysis (FTA)
  • Failure modes and effects (criticality) analysis (FMEA/FMECA)
  • Bow-tie risk analysis
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA)
  • Criticality analysis, safety critical equipment and systems
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis
  • Redundancy, survivability and accessibility studies
  • Safety integrity level (SIL) determination and verification
  • Major accident hazards and external hazards
  • Defense, security and anti-terrorism analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and risk analysis
  • Plant integrity analysis
  • Structural and mechanical integrity analysis
  • Process safety analysis
  • Safety case assessment and development