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Severe Accident Simulation

All incidents and accidents have resulted from an unexpectedly complex sequence of events that demand an equally diverse range of responses.

Accounting for complex systems-based variables, including situational dimensions such as emergency preparedness and response, human reliability and physical security, the analysis of severe accident models and simulations illuminates and identifies areas of potential vulnerability informing both probabilistic and deterministic risk analyses. Once vulnerabilities are identified, comprehensive accident modeling also plays an important role in designing and carrying out accident management and mitigation measures.

Essenmotion provides severe accident simulation solutions to run and verify scenarios, develop procedures and provide training to be able to manage situations caused by beyond design basis and severe accidents with low-probability and high-impact consequences.

  • Comprehensive event modeling and analysis
  • Low probability and severe consequence events
  • Safety analysis for beyond design basis scenarios
  • Severe accident progression (escalation) and consequence analysis
  • Atmospheric transport and dispersion modeling
  • Pollutant/contaminant migration and transport modeling
  • Probabilistic and deterministic risk analyses
  • Natural hazard quantification, modeling and analysis, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, floods
  • Heat and radiation transport modelling and analysis
  • Combustion and ignition modeling and analysis
  • Explosion, blast and shock wave modeling and analysis
  • Fire, flare and gas/smoke dispersion modeling and analysis
  • Collision and transport accident simulations
  • Dropped object impact modeling and analysis
  • Aircraft and missile crash modeling and analysis
  • Situation awareness and vulnerability assessments
  • Emergency response simulations and planning
  • Damage, loss and needs assessments
  • Intervention and operability assessments
  • Disaster, accident and crisis management analysis
  • Emergency preparedness analysis and contingency planning
  • Evacuation, escape and safe rescue assessments
  • Barrier identification, monitoring and management
  • Alarm philosophies, management and response studies