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Simulation & Training

Simplifying the results, driving mechanisms and consequences of a highly complex piece of engineering analysis, system and operation and making them easily conceivable to non-technical audiences and users is one of the most important lifesaving measures one can take in a wide range of industries.

Essenmotion provides following simulation and training solutions;

  • Executive Summaries, graphics and videos to introduce issues, ideas and solutions to simplify and accelerate decision-making processes.
  • Situational Awareness, videos to introduce hazards and risks in the situation and required preventive measures and emergency responses.
  • Expert Witness, reconstructing past events, accidents and incidents using accurate 3D models to present explanatory technical information.
  • Documentaries, graphics and videos to explain technical, operational and critical features of a complex analysis, system and its components.
  • Interactive Simulators, game type simulators testing and improving the ‘actor’s’ decision-making ability to solve real-life scenarios.

Replicating complex industrial facilities, control and safety systems, operations and hazardous environments with highly realistic, interactive and immersive virtual ones created from huge and complex 3D datasets, incorporating scripted tasks and animations as well as reflecting real-life consequences allow professionals and operators to carry out tasks, perform actions and improve their decision-making abilities safely that would be impossible to practice in the real world and see what is hidden in real life.

Users can work alone, in small groups, or collaborate with distant colleagues in a common virtual environment to perform multi-disciplinary detailed design reviews, rehearse in-depth training tasks, validate maintenance procedures or verify assembly and manufacturing processes.

Key Benefits

  • Improve the ‘actor’s’ decision making ability to solve real-life scenarios
  • Enhance realism and improve understanding
  • Enhance situational awareness and preventive measures
  • Enhance learning and allow tasks to be rehearsed
  • Enhance product and environment familiarization
  • Create smart layouts, accessibility and safety
  • Collision detection for the entire model
  • Improves communication between departments and remote sites
  • Enhance the perception of safety in client’s “brand” identity
  • Create innovative workplace, employee satisfaction and loyalty