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Subject Matter Expert

Essenmotion provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) services to manufacturers, operators and regulating authorities (technical, administrative and legal) in wide range of industries that may have limited or no access to expert knowledge, non-documented information and experience in the field of study.

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We classify expert seeking motives and purposes into two broad categories; seeking an expert as a source of information to supplement or complement other sources and seeking an expert as a role player in an organization (short and long term, project based). Essenmotion provides following services;

  • Expertise & expert profiling, finding and selection services
  • Definitive & observational Operational State studies and investigations
  • Expert opinion and interpretation
  • Technical writers and observers
  • Specification, documentation and certification
  • Quality and Risk Management
  • International, national and corporate regulations, codes and rules

Who is Expert? What is Expertise?

It is very hard to identify “Who is Expert?” or define “What is Expertise?” and “What is Expertise Knowledge and Performance?” Cultural, sociological and technical, there are many sound limitations to prevent us from reaching to a crystal clear definition. However, in a broad sense, a definition must be provided as a primary filter to distinguish the Experts among general practitioners and non-experts in specific domains. Expertise can be acquired and refined through different paths in academic as well as professional environments in the field of applications (plant, vehicle, machine, equipment operators, applicators, etc.).

As a broad definition, Essenmotion believes, Expertise is the combination of deep knowledge (cause and effect, underlying mechanisms, concepts and principles), extensive experience (rare and tough cases), reasoning flexibility and ill-structured, scrambled problem solving skills held by a person called Expert whose performance shows consummate skill and economy of effort accompanying accurate and reliable judgments which set the regulations, establish standards and procedures that are used and followed by the other practitioners in the specific domain.

If you are an Expert and fit the definition above please click here