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Undercarriage & Drivetrain Systems

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Undercarriage & Drivetrain systems, projects and operations.

  • Powertrain, suspension, undercarriage and integrated frame assemblies
  • Combustion engines, electric motors and hybrid systems, fuel, battery, air intake, thermal management and exhaust system assemblies
  • Integrated vehicle control, instrumentation and electronic architectures
  • Differential carrier assemblies (electronic traction and stability control systems, planetary double reduction, two speed, tandem drive, automatic, electronic locking and limited slip systems, etc.)
  • Axle and wheel assemblies (drive and non-drive axles, planetary wheel reduction hubs, integrated differential carrier, driveshaft, wheel, brake, steering and suspension assemblies, rigid, steering, independent suspension, tandem, tridem, oscillating, trunnion and swivel architectures, bogies and combined modules, etc.)
  • Suspension assemblies (electronic active control and adaptive systems, elastomeric, pneumatic, hydraulic, hydropneumatic shock absorbers, struts and large cylinders, air springs, coil and leaf springs, single and double wishbone, parallelogram, swinging and trailing arm, multi-link architectures and combined modules, etc.)
  • Transmission assemblies (Electronic transmission control systems, electronic and automatic shifting, electronic clutch modulation, powershift, hydrostatic, summation, hydromechanical and planetary continuous variable transmissions, transfer cases, torque converters, retarders, driveshafts, cardan universal joints, fixed and plunging constant velocity joints, sealed slip spline joints, flexible couplings, etc.)
  • Brake systems (electronic brake systems and actuators, wedge, s-cam drum, air and hydraulic dry and wet disc, spring applied hydraulic released, park, service, emergency brakes, retarders, etc.)
  • Retarder and kinetic energy recovery systems (engine, transmission, exhaust, flywheel, electromagnetic, hydropneumatic accumulators and launch assist systems, etc.)
  • Hydraulic and electric, wheel and travel drives, track drive gearmotors
  • Rubber tires, wheels and rim assemblies (radial and bias pneumatic, solid, flat proof semi-pneumatic, flexi solid, runflat, etc.)
  • Continuous crawler tracks, rubber track belts, steel track chains, track shoes, rubber track pads, sprockets, segments, idlers, rollers, tension and suspension assemblies
  • Railcars, bogies, axles, wheelsets, suspension and brake assemblies