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Water & Wastewater Treatment

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following Water & Wastewater Treatment systems, projects and operations.

  • Filtration & Separation
  • Industrial, process, municipal (sewage, storm, etc.) water & wastewater treatment, decontamination and recycling (reuse) systems, continuous & batch treatment applications, packaged/modular, large/micro plants
  • Seawater desalination, Reverse Osmosis fresh water generator systems
  • Potable/drinking water treatment systems, softening, remineralization, taste/odor/color conditioning, sterilization, inhibitors, etc. applications
  • Sedimentation technologies, clarifiers, thickeners, primary & secondary settling tanks/basins (circular, rectangular, self-supporting), grit, solid, oil, sludge removal/collection screening, skimming and scraper systems
  • Lamella gravity clarifiers, H/V inclined plate and tube settler assemblies
  • Rapid, slow, continuous sand/media filtration and self-cleaning systems
  • Sludge and floc formation, coagulation and flocculation technologies (iron and aluminum salts, lime, polyelectrolytes, activated silica, etc.)
  • Activated sludge & rotating biological contactor (RBC) aerobic biological wastewater treatment systems, aeration tanks and basins, biochemical oxygen demand/dissolved oxygen (BOD/DO) measurement systems, etc.
  • Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), MF/UF/NF filtration & auto/self-cleaning
  • Anaerobic digestion and wastewater sludge treatment (organic, sewage, biodegradable), biogas/methane and carbon dioxide recovery systems
  • Mechanical agitation systems (submerged impeller, paddle, baffle, etc.)
  • Dissolved air (DAF), induced air (IAF), suspended air (SAF), vacuum and electro (EF) flotation/aeration technologies, compressed air/gas, venturi eductors, aerators, impellers, fine/coarse bubble diffusers, spargers, etc.
  • Chemical precipitation, reduction, oxidation, heavy metal removal, ion exchange, deionization and electrodialysis technologies, pH adjustment & neutralization, disinfection, on-site disinfectant and chemical/additive generator systems (AOPs, sodium/calcium hydroxides, sulfides, sulfates, carbonates, oxidants, chlorine, hypochlorite, chloramine, sulfur dioxide, ozone, sulfuric/hydrochloric acids, carbon dioxide, adsorption (activated carbon/alumina), sand/media filtration, IE membranes & resins, copper-silver ionization, ultraviolet UV radiation, corrosion/scale inhibitors, etc.)
  • Chemical & additive preparation, conditioning, feeding, dosing, mixing, injection/dispersion, process monitoring and control systems (diffusers, tubular reactors/static mixers, venturi eductors, atomizers, nozzles, etc.)
  • Sludge dewatering, recycling, product recovery and disposal systems