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Winch & Hoist Systems

Essenmotion provides a comprehensive range of specialized technologies, engineering and management services for the following onshore & offshore Winch & Hoist systems, projects and operations.

  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control systems
  • Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic power supply units and modules
  • Winch & hoist control, monitoring and automation systems
  • Local and remote control stations and communication systems
  • Slewing bearing systems, rotating platforms and turntables
  • Reels, carousels, spooling systems and drives
  • Gearboxes and power transmission systems
  • Dynamic brake and locking systems
  • Static & dynamic loads/weight measurement and monitoring systems
  • Manual and automatic overload protection systems (MOPS/AOPS)
  • Tension monitoring and constant tension (CT) systems
  • Vessel/vehicle motion monitoring (VMM) systems
  • Linear and rotary, active and passive motion compensation systems
  • Active and passive heave compensation (AHC/PHC) systems
  • Active and passive vibration control, suppression and isolation systems
  • Decelerators, shock absorbers and dampeners
  • Rigid and flexible, pipe and cable laying and tensioning systems
  • Large hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • Strand jack lifting, climbing, skidding and launching systems
  • Wire and fiber ropes, cables, termination fittings and connectors
  • Spreaders, lift frames, sheaves, fairleads, rollers, skids, tracks, etc.
  • Integrated linear and rotary motion and guide systems and modules (specialized handling towers, elevators, carriages, ramps, platforms, conveyor, skidding, rail and traveler, rack and pinion systems, etc.)

Winch & Hoist Types

  • Mooring winches
  • Anchor winches
  • Subsea winches
  • Traction winches
  • Tugger winches 
  • Drum winches
  • Towing winches
  • Deepwater hoists
  • Storage winches
  • Deployment winches


Jacking Systems

  • Hydraulic lifting
  • Modular Jack-up
  • Rack and pinion jacking
  • Strand jack
  • Climbing towers
  • Pneumatic lifting